Senior Science & Medical advisor, Dr. Edwin Villalobos, Joins as President of XR Medical Solutions LATAM

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Senior Science and Medical advisor, Dr. Edwin Villalobos, Joins XR Solutions Group as President of XR Medical Solutions LATAM

May 23, 2021 (Boston) – The Board of Directors for XR Solutions Group are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Edwin Villalobos (MD, MBA) as President of XR Medical Solutions LATAM division of the company.

Dr. Edwin Villalobos has proven to be an integral contributor and thought leader to Panama’s medical system through the years, championing the advancement of modern medicine and research. Most recently, he has served as Chief Medical Officer for the Panama Clinic Hospital, where he led in the development of a state-of-the-art hospital, developing it from the ground up.  Research and Education has remained to be his passion causes throughout his career and he is in the upper echelon of medical advisory in Panama and beyond, today.  His practise includes twenty years of experience in both practical medicine and the economics of medicine.  Dr Villalobos is committed to continuous improvement and professional growth and this is demonstrated through the ongoing enhancement of his education and research activities.

The company is transforming medicine with the use of innovative technology. “Our platforms address a wide range of medical symptoms utilizing safe, non-invasive, medically validated therapies. We will continue to develop our technology through partnerships and research globally to be the leader in this space and with Dr. Villalobos’ appointment we have moved that much closer” said Dr Pat O’Leary, Chief Executive and Financial Officer.

XR Medical Solutions LATAM, is a division of XR Solutions Group, an integrated solutions and development company that creates unique AR/VR content in the health and wellness sector.  The company’s core competency is in developing scientifically driven technology platforms for the treatment of numerous physical & psychological symptoms to improve personal well-being.

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