Launching Mobile Wellness App School Giveback Program to Assist in Mental Health, School Funding & PPE

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October 23, 2020 – XR Medical Solutions has today launched their international binaural beats audio wellness program to students around the globe, to reduce stress and anxiety and enable them to increase their academic performance and overall mental health!

A recent global study on the mental health effects of Covid-19, found that relatively high rates of symptoms of anxiety (6.33% to 50.9%), depression (14.6% to 48.3%), post-traumatic stress disorder (7% to 53.8%), psychological distress (34.43% to 38%), and stress (8.1% to 81.9%) have been reported in the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic in China, Spain, Italy, Iran, the US, Turkey, Nepal, and Denmark. (Journal of Affective Disorders, volume 227, December 2020, Pages 55-64) Another survey found that 91% of US college students reported increased stress or anxiety (Active Minds 2020). Students are dealing with current, common challenges relayed to isolation and anxiety of contracting the virus but also unique challenges with disrupted studies, lost jobs and job prospects, financial concerns including student debt, and their overall academic future.

XR Medical Solutions deploys VR/AR/MR technology to transform health and wellness therapies through scientifically driven technologies. The company’s audio wellness program utilizes unique binaural beat audio tracks which safely trains the brain to switch to any desired brainwave state within minutes. The quick therapies were 77% effective in reducing pain (2x the pain relief of morphine).

The company is transforming health and wellness therapies with the use of innovative technology. “Our various platforms address a wide range of medical symptoms utilizing safe, medically validated therapies. When we set out to develop our technology, we wanted to build something so advanced that experts would want to collaborate or build upon and we’ve succeeded at that” said Michael Berman, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman and Founder.

“The company is offering a free one-month trial for students, teachers and staff working internationally within educational institutions. The subscription is $2.99* funds a month thereafter (less than a bag of chips) The cost of $1.00* goes toward delivering the program to the user. One dollar* covers the program development costs and $0.99* goes BACK to the institution in a PPE credit to ease the Covid burden on institutional budgets, says Dr. Pat O’Leary, Interim Chief Executive Officer.

The program is also available to consumers at a subscription costs of $7.99* per month and the company is extending a family subscription at $5.99* (max 4 family members). “Stress and anxiety brought on through the effects of the Covid -19 Pandemic are significant and we have a solution that will provide a measurable aid to those that subscribe and they can enjoy the benefits of mental and physical well being today,” said Matthew Widmer, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.
*funds are quoted in U.S. currency.

XR Medical Solutions, a division of XR Solutions Group is an integrated solutions and development brain trust company that creates unique AR/VR/MR content. Its core competency is in building cutting edge, scientifically driven platforms for various industries including Health and Wellness, Real Estate, E-shopping, Meditation, Music, and Sports Training. Meta learning is “the process by which learners become aware of and increasingly in control of habits of perception, inquiry, learning, and growth that they have internalized”.

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