Michael Berman

Chairman & Founder

With over 40 years of C-level management and production experience Michael exuberates excellence. A vast background in all facets of business in sales, marketing, production, and distribution gives the company a vast depth in all categories. Software development and execution is where he has found his niche especially in the medical and wellness industries in which years of research and development have been key to the products.

Paul McCrea


Paul McCrea (MBA) is an innovative and collaborative visionary with 37 years of international business leadership experience and a proven history of identifying and capturing untapped opportunities. He has an extensive track record of identifying and removing barriers, increasing value for stakeholders, and overcoming adversity with a calm, rational and inspirational influence.
His business experience is broad in scope, having worked with both public and private organizations in media, marketing agencies, retail, financial services, health product and services, fashion, logistics and digital technology. Paul has conducted in-depth market insight and brand development, aligning marketing plans with business objectives with demonstratable success and has developed and delivered award winning, National, and International omni-channel campaigns.
In addition, Paul has experience managing public relations and communications for publicly traded enterprises and has participated on the executive committee for investor relations and corporate governance reporting.
His adaptability and experience in foreign market entry, working within many cultures and markets will prepare the company for a global outreach in a tight economy.
Paul holds and M.B.A. Marketing Management from the Australian Institute of Business, and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning and Analytics from Columbia University.

Matthew Widmer

CIO & Founder

With an educational background in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Psychology from Hampshire College; Matthew leverages his research combined with 19 years of IT and Developmental experience into innovative solutions for multiple technology sectors. Innovation and Development is his niche. These combinations put him at the forefront of re-imagined medical and virtual platform design driven by applicable scientific research. His drive is to solve large problems with global scalability and focus on the integrations of technology into society for the betterment of health, wellness and learning.

Dr Marc Jeschke

Chief Science & Medical Officer

Dr. Jeschke has a continuous commitment to scholarly work, with 350+ peer-reviewed articles and books on burn care. Currently awarded "Second highest-ranked expert in the field of burns in the world" since 2014, his reputation extends beyond burns and pain as an internationally invited speaker. An active member in organizations like the Society for Critical Care Medicine, American Burn Association, Surgical Infection Society, Shock Society, American College of Surgeons and the American Surgical Association. He serves on numerous committees and editorial boards, and is a reviewer for funding agencies, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Dr Pat O’Leary

President & Chief Financial Officer

With over 37 years of international executive experience, Pat has always been motivated to succeed. He has guided many private companies through the process to an initial public offering in both Canada and the United States (T.S.E., N.Y.S.E. and N.A.S.D.A.Q.). Throughout his extensive career he has also raised additional capital both privately and on exchanges to facilitate mergers and acquisitions. Developing Governance policies for both Public and Private companies as well as being on various Boards throughout his career Pat is always aligned with his fiduciary responsibilities to Investors and shareholders alike. A key element to this activity was Pat’s ability to align different entities to assimilate mutual growth. His previous background in software development will be valuable experience to his role at XR. Pat is the author of an ‘Analytical Investment Book’ and demonstrates his financial knowledge and abilities to see through the noise and detail planning efficiencies. Education at the fore front on top of depth gives him the ability to adapt to fast paces and an ever-changing business landscape. Pat holds a PhD in Accountancy from University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Business Law, Masters in Finance and CMA, CFM Designations.

Diane Doster

VP of Research and Innovation

As a healthy living and aging expert for over 25 years and Chief Relevance Officer for Project Relevance, Diane has diverse experience that spans from clinical exercise physiologist, wellness consultant / entrepreneur in healthcare and senior living verticals and has led strategic partnerships for two early stage start-ups. Diane’s passion purpose is collaborating on well-being solutions that empower human potential, cultivate resilience and make one’s “every day” better through lifestyle choices.

Gloria S. Plottel

Vice President, Development and Innovation

Bringing over two decades’ experience developing and implementing innovative programs, Gloria achieves results, in healthcare and across industries, improving performance in operations, communications, experience and engagement. She has delivered key projects for major healthcare entities in New England and nationally. Gloria is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, a Certified Patient Experience Professional, a journal peer-reviewer, and serves on several regional and national healthcare boards and committees including with the National Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Edwin Villalobos

President XR Medical Solutions LATAM

As a MD with an MBA in Healthcare Economics, Dr. Villalobos has dedicated 20 years to healthcare solutions. He is a former medical university professor and curriculum advisor and has focused on researching and implementing continuous improvements in healthcare, especially concerning cost reduction. He served as a medical director of two large private hospital centers in Panama and has engaged in significant contributions to the health and life insurance sectors of Central America. Dr. Villalobos is also involved in numerous philanthropic associations engaged in social causes that have real-world positive impacts on communities.

David Lui

Advisory Board - International Business

David Lui is a global brand and entrepreneurial leader, known for transforming businesses and stagnant brands into profitable market share leaders. He has extensive background in leading public and private organizations in complex retail, digital and consumer environments. He has developed global award-winning marketing campaigns, he has scaled online e-commerce brands, was CEO of the twelfth Fastest Growing Company in Canada’s PROFIT100, First for Fastest-Growing Company in Vancouver, CIBC’s Top Job Creator, winner of the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award, was recognized as a Business in Vancouver Forty under 40 and was a nominee for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Pacific Region.

Glenn Tjon

Advisory Board - Emerging Technology

Glen's purpose is to inspire and impact entrepreneurs through his passion for innovation and knowledge of exponential technologies. Over the course of more than 25 years he has helped business leaders in private and public sector embrace change, improve their operations and transform their business models. He has obtained an extensive experience in innovation strategy, business transformation and disruptive technologies by applying this know how in real life situations. He has also has an extensive background in numerous industries such as Banking, Retail, Logistics, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare.

Mission Statement

Transformative Digital Healthcare Solutions for Personal Well-Being

What Is XR?

XR = Extended Reality Includes VR, AR & MR
VR = Virtual Reality: Fully Immersive 360 Experience
AR = Augmented Reality: Holographic Overlay On Real World
MR = Mixed Reality: AR Holographic and Real World Interaction

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