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Stress & Anxiety have increased by over 10x since COVID-19. The world needs portable mental health solutions now. Help the world heal while earning residual income.

Give The Gift Of Wellness

The Mobile Wellness App does the work for you, providing instant relief for anyone, including those who struggle with meditation.

Recurring Commission

Earn $0.99/month or $6.65/Year for each subscriber you convert.
If you convert 1,500 subscribers you would make $1,500 each month.

Affiliate Dashboard Tools

Track views, sales and your commissions and payouts from a single dashboard.

Monthly Payouts

Link a payment option to receive automatic monthly payouts.

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Track Views, Sales & Commissions

Any viewer who clicks on your affiliate link will be associated with your account and tracked forever until they subscribe

Monitor Marketing Campaigns

Easily compare which platforms are receiving the most attention and fine tune your reach out strategies

Automatic Monthly Commission

Easily connect a payment option to automatically receive your commissions

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    Transformative Digital Healthcare Solutions for Personal Well-Being

    What Is XR?

    XR = Extended Reality Includes VR, AR & MR
    VR = Virtual Reality: Fully Immersive 360 Experience
    AR = Augmented Reality: Holographic Overlay On Real World
    MR = Mixed Reality: AR Holographic and Real World Interaction

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